DIRK VANDEN: "Pioneer of Gay Literature"

Down The Rabbit Hole

This classic of Gay lit was originally published in 1969, under the title Leather. Now it's been re-issued with a complete re-edit by loveyoudivine Alterotica! You can buy it in paperback from Amazon or in ebook format here.
Find out more about the history of the story, its place in the canon of Gay lit, and read an extract here.

The ALL Trilogy

Now you can buy the complete All trilogy under one cover! All Together brings I Want It All, All The Way, and All is Well into a natural series of books. You can buy it in all digital formats here, and for the Kindle here. And don't forget! There's a "Mental Movie" treatment of I Want It All available for FREE for all my fans. Click here to download the pdf!

Review of All Is Well

'It seems to me that ALL IS WELL...is a paean to a way of life that is counter-culture all the way...with some astoundingly erotic scenes that are as profound a manifesto of the right to discover and be one's total self as any non-fiction rhetoric on the subject that I've heard of or read...I recommend it wholeheartedly as a must to today's - or tomorrow's - American male homosexuals.' - John Francis Hunter